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After school art courses

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age 5-6

Enlightenment classes aim to inspire children's passion for art and help them unleash their imagination and creativity. Each class features a unique theme, teaching the application of various materials and tools, along with basic artistic techniques.

Age 6-10

The foundational class instructs children in the observation, composition, brush techniques, and methods of  creation. We provide a diverse range of art materials for children to explore. Additionally, we tailor both long-term and short-term learning plans and personalized courses for each child

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Age 10-14

The advanced class curriculum covers more complex painting& drawing techniques, including the representation of materials,  shading, object structures, perspective, and scene design. The tools for painting are also more professional and diverse in this class.

Targeted class

Age 14-18

Please contact 0480773876 for detail of targeted class.

Our tutoring service offers specialized support for students undertaking both the South Australian Certificate of Education (SACE) and International Baccalaureate (IB) Visual Art courses. Whether you are preparing for SACE Stage 1 or Stage 2, or the IB Diploma Programme, we provide personalized guidance to help you excel in both practical and theoretical aspects of the curriculum. Our experienced tutors assist with:

- Developing and refining art techniques and design skills
- Analyzing and interpreting artworks and design projects
- Conducting thorough visual studies and research
- Preparing for assessments and external examinations

We tailor our approach to meet each student's unique needs, ensuring a deep understanding of art concepts and fostering creativity. Join us to achieve your best in SACE and IB Visual Art.

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